Redefining Comminution Technology

GRolls® is redefining the standards in the mining industry with with its revolutionary Gyratory Rolls Crusher

Step into the Future of Mining Technology with GRolls®

The GRolls® Technology

The Gyratory Rolls Crusher (GRolls®) is a compression-based particle size reduction device designed to generate fine and ultra-fine products from coarse feeds. It achieves this by simultaneously applying pulsed compression and shear forces to a packed particle bed, initiating breakage mechanisms such as impact breakage, inter-particle compression, induced tensile failure, and particle shear forces.

GRolls® features a “V” profiled main rotating drive roll and an opposing gyratory roll with an intermeshing “V” profile. The main drive roll, rotated through a gearbox, and the gyratory roll, mounted on a driven shaft with an eccentric offset for gyratory motion, work together. This motion generates a high-frequency pulsing action, leading to effective particle breakage. The versatile GRolls® operates in both dry and wet conditions, reducing coarse feed into fine and ultra-fine particle sizes with low recirculation rates.

Our Story

GRolls® stands as a pioneer in comminution technology with our groundbreaking Gyratory Rolls Crusher (GRolls®). Operating seamlessly in both dry and wet conditions, GRolls® introduces a unique combination of gyratory and compression motion, revolutionising particle breakage mechanisms for unparalleled efficiency. Our commitment to innovation is showcased through rigorous laboratory and pilot scale testing, affirming our dedication to refining and validating our cutting-edge comminution technology.

Founded by passionate South Australians, GRolls® is on a mission to commercialise its advanced comminution solutions developed in the heart of South Australia. Beyond innovation, our focus is on maximising local impact by anchoring technical development, manufacturing, assembling, and after-sales support in the region.

Join us in reshaping the landscape of mining and cement industries with GRolls®—where excellence meets sustainability.

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Industries Transformed by GRolls® Technology


GRolls® provides a sustainable solution to mineral processing and tailings reprocessing, providing energy and media savings for both wet and dry circuits, providing economic benefits and reducing environmental impact.


Our technology excels in dry crushing of limestone clinker, slags, and fly ash, providing comparable power consumption compared to conventional methods with flexibility, adaptability and modularity to meet changing feed materials.


GRolls® contributes to energy-efficient comminution in waste processing, supporting the circular economy by producing reusable materials from recycled glass, concrete, and E-Waste.


The Alpha GRolls® unit, designed for laboratories, facilitates mineral studies, feasibility studies, and exploration by providing precise size reduction and producing homogeneous samples for testing.

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Streamlining Efficiency,
Maximising Value

Precision Particle Control

GRolls® excels in generating fine to ultra-fine products from coarse feeds, showcasing precision in particle size reduction.

Energy Efficiency

Minimised power consumption per tonne makes GRolls® environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Low Recirculation, Minimal Waste

GRolls® reduces recirculation rates, enhancing efficiency and minimizing material wastage.

Adaptability and Scalability​

GRolls® ensures consistent and precise particle size reduction for high-quality outputs.

Wet Reprocessing Capability

With a unique ability to operate seamlessly in both wet and dry conditions, GRolls® surpasses competitors restricted by feed moisture intolerance.

Intergranular Breakage for Value

GRolls® promotes intergranular breakage, maximising the extraction of material value.